017: JIRK Comedy

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Today we have on the hilarious Ian and Jared of the JIRK Comedy open-mic here in Fort Wayne! I can’t really gush about these guys more than I do in the podcast, so you’ll just have to listen, but if you’ve ever had the itch to get on stage and try telling some jokes, this is where to do it! You can follow them on Facebook to check out upcoming events. Go tell some jokes, or just have a drink and enjoy the show!


016: Steve Leeper / Huntington University

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Hello again! Today on LA is Over we have Steve Leeper, professor of animation at Huntington University! Earlier this summer I visited Huntington on an invitation to check out their digital media and animation department, and what I found was so cool, I had to share it. Having been a Fort Wayne-based film enthusiast since I was a child, I was astounded that I’d never known such a unique department existed locally. In the podcast, Steve shares his background in animation as well as a few thoughts on the role of religion in art. As a Christian school, I found it interesting that Huntington had such a well-supported digital arts department, so I couldn’t resist posing a few questions to Steve addressing the role of religion as it relates to art, society, commercialism and education.

I also shot a little footage of the department while I was there so I could share it with you, so I edited together a short promo reel which you can find below. If you’re interested in seeing any of the student films and animation projects that have come out of the school (which I highly recommend), you can find them at foresterfilms.com.

015: Jason Doty

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Jason Doty is a filmmaker and professor at Purdue University. His training and experience have helped LITERALLY DOZENS of Purdue students really understand what it means to pursue a career in screenwriting and filmmaking. In this episode, we dive into Jason’s history as he details his time in film school as well as his experiences working on the fringe of such a ravenous industry.

Reminders: Make sure to make it out to our stand-up open-mic tonight at  CS3, it’ll be a barrell of embarrassment. Also, if you love comics and want to help the community grow here in Fort Wayne, check out the Kickstarter for next year’s Appleseed Comic Con, they’re really close to their goal! Plus, they just announced a new guest, famed silver-age writer and artist Jim Steranko. Exciting!